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We specialize in all truck, semi truck and trailer models, and our goal is to get you back on the road the fastest and safest among the competition. With over 25 years of experience, we have been able to out-help many owner-operators and fleet companies in the area.

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Experience in truck and Trailer Repair Services

Experience 24/7 Emergency Truck & Trailer Repair excellence while on the road in Phoenix, Arizona. Trust our professional team with industrial-grade equipment for all your heavy-duty needs. We will get you back on the road safely and swiftly. Contact us now for immediate assistance and reliable service!
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Experience top-notch diesel repair services for trucks, semi-trucks, and trailers in the heart of Phoenix, AZ. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to keeping your heavy-duty vehicles running smoothly.


Stuck on the road? Don’t worry, our Truck, Semi-Truck, and Trailer Roadside Assistance service has got you covered. Whether you’re facing a breakdown, flat tire, or any unexpected issue with your heavy-duty vehicle, our experienced team is just a phone call away.


Experience the convenience of Mobile Truck, Semi-Truck, and Trailer Repair in Phoenix, AZ. Our expert technicians bring the repair shop to you, wherever you are in the Phoenix area. Whether you’re facing engine troubles or electrical issues, or need emergency repairs on the go, our fully-equipped mobile service ensures quick and efficient solutions.


Ensure the safety and reliability of your bus fleet with our expert Bus Repair service in Phoenix, AZ. Our skilled technicians specialize in comprehensive bus maintenance and repair, from routine inspections to major overhauls. We understand the unique needs of passenger transportation, and we’re committed to keeping your buses running smoothly.


Our Mobile RV Repair service has your back! We bring the expertise to your doorstep, tackling everything from mechanical hiccups to electrical glitches. Fast, reliable, and hassle-free – because your journey shouldn’t be stalled. Reach out today for swift solutions!

                Mobile Truck Repair Phoenix

If you have a truck breakdown in Phoenix, Arizona, we are here to help. at Emergency Roadside truck and trailer repair We handle all types of roadside services for semi trailers and truck repairs in Phoenix, Mesa, Maricopa, Glendale, etc. Our professional mobile truck repair mechanics are available 24 hours a day, ready for immediate dispatch to your location.

If your truck, RV or bus breaks down in the Phoenix area, call us immediately and we will get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible and at the lowest costs on the market. Offering 24-hour mobile semi and trailer repair, we will travel anywhere in the Phoenix area to provide roadside truck service.

The next time you need mobile truck repair, give us a call. When you’re on the road, sometimes the unexpected happens. Semi-truck breakdowns never come at a good time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency roadside truck repair. When you call us, our professional and courteous technicians will be there to help you quickly. We know that your time is valuable and that every minute you spend waiting for a repair is more money wasted.

Our truck mechanics in Phoenix will be there for your emergency truck and road service needs, and we promise to get you back on the road as quickly as possible! Our roadside technicians can repair your semi or trailer on-site to minimize downtime so you can stay on schedule

Trailer Repairs

Your trailer is very important to your job as a truck driver, so when you need trailer repairs in the Phoeni area, whether it’s electrical problems, brake problems, or suspension problems, call Emergency Roadside Truck and Trailer Repair to let you know. your trailer is back in working order.

Sometimes a breakdown is not due to an engine problem, but rather a problem with the trailer. Don’t let unattended trailer repairs sideline you unexpectedly. Our service technicians have the tools and experience to accurately diagnose and repair your trailer when it gets stuck on the road in the Indianapolis area.

Trailer repair phoenix, Az

Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel engine failures are no fun. Waiting for a tow truck can be a huge waste of time, not to mention the time it takes to get connected and then drive to the nearest truck repair shop. And if that’s not bad enough, if your engine shuts off after hours, you may have a delay overnight.

When you need roadside repairs on your truck, RV, bus, or other large truck, give us a call and we will send someone directly to your location as soon as possible. Our mission as a company is to quickly repair your truck engine so you can get back on schedule. Whatever your problem, whether it’s excessive smoke, hard starting, overheating or simply a poorly running engine, at Emergency Roadside Truck and Trailer repair we can repair any breakdown in no time and at the lowest possible cost.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistant

Our truck mechanics perform all major and minor repairs on Semi Trucks, trailers, fleet vehicles, equipment, and RVs, along with pre-scheduled preventative maintenance in our shop or at your location, and annual DOT inspections. With 24/7 roadside service and personalized fleet service with professional quality and the lowest cost on the market, we are here to help you when you need us. We’ll come to you in the event of a breakdown and work to get you back on the road quickly, and we tailor maintenance services to prevent breakdowns from occurring in the future.

If your vehicle is diesel we can help you with any repair

  • 24/7 Road Service 
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Alignment
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Fleet Repair
  • Mobile Service
  • RV Repair
  • Trailer Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Truck Oil Change
  • Heavy-Duty Truck Repair

Our professional services are your lifeline on the road. We excel in resolving a wide range of mobile semi-truck problems, ensuring you’re never stranded. From engine repairs to tire replacements, our expert team and industrial-grade equipment deliver effective solutions 24/7. Count on us to get there quickly, even in the toughest situations. Experience the reliability and expertise that make us the go-to choice for truckers in need.


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