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Emergency Mobile Semi Truck and Trailer Repairs

If your truck breaks down on the road in Phoenix, Arizona, and needs emergency repair services, call our Emergency Roadside Truck and Trailer Repair response team at 928-362-0010. Our roadside assistance can provide you with a range of emergency truck repair services, including trailer and truck repairs and tire services. Choose a reliable company like us with ASE-certified technicians to ensure you get the best service possible.

24/7 Mobile Truck and Trailer Service in Arizona

Our effective roadside assistance team will be dispatched to your location and fix the problems on the spot for mobile truck or trailer repair services in Arizona. This way, you won’t have to waste time waiting for the shop to open. You can get a technician to your location at any time, day or night.

Don’t want to leave your truck in the garage for days on end? Mobile truck and trailer repair services are especially beneficial for getting you right back on the road to meet those time constraints and important deadlines. Our technicians are trained to diagnose problems quickly and accurately. We will also provide comprehensive repair services like brake repair, oil changes, and fluid flushes. Our repair offerings include maintenance and transmission repair.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a vital indicator that your vehicle may be facing issues. It can signal a range of problems, from fuel tank concerns to transmission or electrical issues. Ignoring this warning can lead to more significant problems down the road. While it can point to various issues, persistent problems should be promptly addressed. If the check engine light is flashing, it's a sign of a severe problem. In such cases, prioritize safety, and have your vehicle towed by professionals for accurate diagnosis and repairs.

New and Used Tires

Truckers understand the urgency of tire issues, which can cause significant delays. When you're on the road and in need of prompt truck trailer repairs, Emergency Roadside Truck and Trailer Repair has you covered. Our tire repair service offers dependable, durable tires tailored to commercial vehicles, including garbage trucks, specialized vehicles, and off-road options. We assist you in selecting the right tire, arranging installation, and ensuring your commercial vehicle is road-ready. Count on our experienced team for swift turnarounds, accommodating all truck and trailer sizes.

Air Leaks

When seeking mobile truck and trailer repair services, concerns about air leaks may arise. These issues can lead to significant expenses and stem from various sources, such as a malfunctioning air brake, a damaged vacuum hose, or a leaking intake gasket. To prevent costly problems, proactive maintenance and routine air brake system inspections are essential. Our mobile truck and trailer repair service offers expertise in diagnosing air brake system issues and utilizes vacuum hose measurements to assess trailer leaks effectively. Prioritize your truck's performance and safety with our assistance.

Wheel Seals

Wheel seals play a crucial role in trailer wheels by safeguarding the wheel bearing from contaminants and extending its lifespan. However, improper installation, maintenance, or component damage can lead to premature seal wear. The first step in wheel seal repair involves removing the worn sleeve and inner bearing, typically by detaching the sleeve from the hub shoulder. It's essential to note that a slight presence of lubricant at the seal doesn't necessarily indicate a leak; thorough cleaning is often required. For immediate assistance in emergency situations, contact a trusted mobile truck and trailer expert at (602) 369-3890.

Suspension Repairs

Suspension System Maintenance and Trailer Brake Checks Regular inspection of truck and trailer suspensions is vital for safety, with at least an annual check recommended. But for an efficient truck and trailer fleet, more than just annual suspension inspections are needed. These intricate systems have multiple components, and any issues can pose safety risks and costly damages. If you require an emergency trailer suspension diagnosis while on the road, reach out to us at (602) 369-3890. We specialize in comprehensive truck and trailer repair services. Truck trailer springs, whether coil or leaf springs, play a critical role in the suspension of large commercial vehicles. Regular servicing is essential to maintain peak performance, with the timing of service dependent on the spring type and condition. Trailer springs are exposed to shocks, road debris, and bumps, making proper maintenance a priority for driver safety and cargo protection. Trailer brakes are another vital component in semi-truck trailers. They ensure safe driving and smooth stops. When air brakes malfunction, it can lead to uneven braking, delayed stopping, or total brake failure. To ensure maximum safety, truck trailer brakes should undergo regular checks for pressure leaks and other issues. Prioritize safety and efficiency with our expert truck and trailer maintenance services. Contact us today for on-the-road emergency assistance.

RV Repair

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Repair Services RV repair encompasses the comprehensive maintenance, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues in recreational vehicles (RVs), which are motorhomes or trailers designed for temporary living accommodations. Here's an overview of the RV repair process: Problem Diagnosis: When RV owners bring their vehicles for repair, the initial step involves diagnosing the issue. This entails a thorough inspection of the RV, attentive listening to the owner's problem description, and the utilization of tests or diagnostic tools to pinpoint the root cause of the malfunction. Our RV repair services cover a wide range of areas, including:

Transmission Repair
Suspension Repair
Brake Repair
Air Lines
Full Motor Repairs
Coolant Leak Repair
Tire Replacements
HVAC Repairs
Axle Repair

Trust us to address your RV repair needs efficiently and effectively.

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